This is the sixth annual report for the Good Samaritan Clinic of Western Colorado. The parable of the Good Samaritan is relevant today. The road is full of people suffering yet our health care system is focused on money, leaving too many on the side of the road. We offer a safety net for the uninsured, underinsured, undocumented, and underserved whose only other option may have been an expensive visit to the ER.
In 2023 we lowered barriers, boosted accessibility, and improved the health of our community. We were open every weekend except holidays, offering medical appointments within 7 days and mental health appointments within 14 days. As we begin our seventh year of operations, we see an even greater need for our free clinic.
In 2023, our success is dependent on the unwavering support of Downtown Vineyard Church for donating our permanent space. We served a total of 2093 patients with direct care, follow-up test results, renewal of prescriptions, and advice on symptom management:

• 833 patient visits
• 543 lab tests
• 90 mental health visits
• 16 specialty clinic visits
• 38 Flu shots
• 20 referrals for Mammograms
• 36 Well Woman Exams
•32 referrals to free vision clinic
•2100 translation service minutes
•3 Immigration physicals

In 2023, we hired a part-time Clinical Coordinator along with our Administrative Coordinator to add continuity and they have already made an impact on our success.

Our patients’ feedback is so important to our success.  Patient satisfaction surveys were conducted, and results continue to show high satisfaction.  Ninety-five percent of patients waited less than 21 minutes to see the clinician. No significant findings were identified from the quality-of-care reviews. 

We are successful because of the dedication and commitment of our 42 volunteers. We improved our care and management of diabetes as the result of a well-attended lunch and learning session presented by Dr. Carol Greenlee, Endocrinologist. 

Thank you:  John Best DO, Glenda Cain FNP, David Conklin MD, Laurie Day RN, Joel Dean DO, Diane Dill MD, Karalyn Dorn, Kiah Hicks PharmD, Rudy Fuentes, Laura Gilmore RN, Paulina Good PA, Carol Greenlee MD, Doris Guajardo, Efrain Guzman, Marian Heesaker RN, Alice Ireland, Shannon Keel MD, Joseph Lents PharmD, Marsha Leonard, Keelin Lewis PA, Carl Malito MD, Stephen Meyer MD, Philip Mohler MD, Kathy Mowat LCSW, Linda Odette, Margaret Olson, James Pasterz DO, Judy Rorem RN, Daniela Sainz, Brenna Sanislo PA, Bill Schapley, Jayne Scribner PNP, Rob Scribner MD, Michelle Sebik, Verne Smith MD, Kelly Thompson RN,  Heather Urton FNP, Bruce VanBenSchoten MD, Laurel Walters, Lisa Waters MD, Randy Young NP

We are solely supported by grants and donations and could not do this without the support of our community.  Thank you, United Way, for selecting us as a grant recipient.  Thank you, Western Colorado Community Foundation, for your support of our mission with dollars.  We also received grants from Blackbaud Giving Fund, Brownson Memorial Fund, and George McKinley Family Fund. Once again, Vision Health International provided free vision screening and glasses to our patients. Walmart continued to provide money for gift cards. 

We appreciate the generous financial contributions by individuals and the many donations made by patients. 

Thank you:  American Lutheran Church, Bonnie and Steve Cruse, Carolyn McKinley, Connie Syas, David Ray, Donna Ireland and Jerry Obijiski, Ellen Ireland, Ellie Walworth, Erin Gehrig, Erin Dryanski, Janness Niebauer, John Hopkins, Katherine Kierstead, Laurie and Tim Johnson, Lenna and Steve Watson, Linda Ciavonne, Mary Crumbaker, Mary Dellenbach, Mary and Randy Larson, Matt Cyphers, Meg Thorton, Pat Shanahan, Philip Mohler, Randy Pifer, Robert Bowman, Sandra Newton, Sandy Cooper, Sherron Helms, Sue Attaway, Teresa and Walid Bou-Matar, Tony Goodman, Wendy Cummins. 

Our partnerships make us stronger in our pursuit to offer effective, equitable, and respectful health care that is responsive to the cultural needs and languages of our diverse patients.

Thank you: AMN Language Services, Athena Health, Colorado Mesa University, Downtown Vineyard Church, Family Health West, Grand Junction Pathology, Henry Schein Medical, Office Depot, Palisade Pharmacy, Quality Health Network, Steele Family Websites, St. Mary’s Mammography Center, Trophy Case, and Vision Health International.

Our Community. Our Responsibility.