This is the fourth annual report for the free clinic serving the uninsured and underinsured people of Western Colorado. The pandemic continued to be top of mind in 2021. We encouraged social distancing and mandated masks. Ninety six percent of our volunteers were vaccinated and boosted. We offered rapid covid tests and lots of advice and reassurance. We were open every week, offering a safety net for people that lack access to the health care system and keeping people out of the Emergency Room. As we begin our fifth year of operations, we are hopeful. We are here.

In 2021, the Clinic served 863 patients at its permanent location donated by the Downtown Vineyard Church. It was open for over six hundred hours on Fridays and Saturdays and provided over 3,000 hours of direct medical and mental health care at no cost to patients:

• 1147 appointments
• 254 lab tests
• 174 mental health visits
• 16 pharmacist counseling visits
• 5 surgical clinic visits
• 14 well woman exams
• 23 telehealth visits
• 50 flu shots

This year bilingual patient satisfaction surveys were mailed or handed out to patients seen in July, August, and September. Twenty-seven surveys were returned.
When asked: how satisfied are you with care you received, 100% of patients selected very satisfied/muy satisfecho or satisfied/satisfecho.

When asked: does the staff listen attentively to your concern? Is the staff respectful? Is the Clinic clean and organized? Are we doing enough to protect your privacy? 100% of patients selected Yes/Si

A few of the comments:
“Thank God you were there for me! I do not have insurance and I was really scared, you alleviated my concerns and helped me so fast. Thank you!” Muy Bueno, muy satisfecho por el gran cervicio, gracias par brindarnos to do su tiempo y atencion. Muy buen servisio creo que mejo no sepuede porque todo estubo muy bien. Good service, thank you for giving us all your time and attention.

When asked how we can improve our services, four patients commented more open days.

Fifty percent of the respondents reported that they had received Covid19 vaccination.

In support of Mesa County Healthy Community goals, we screen every patient for suicide risk, providing direct services when needed. We counsel obese patients to lose weight and decrease their risk for diabetes. We educate diabetics and provide glucometers and no cost insulin. We dispense no cost albuterol inhalers to patients with asthma, provide STI counseling and treatment, aid purchase of needed medications and give flu shots to improve the rates of immunization. We also provide pre-employment physicals for childcare providers to protect kids in their care.

Our well-qualified, unpaid doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, health care professionals, and assistants provided over 3,000 hours of direct patient care in addition to many hours of answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and following up with pharmacy and lab results. We are so grateful to our volunteers:

Diane Dill MD, Betsy Longenecker MD, Carl Malito MD, Steve Meyer MD, Jim Pasterz DO, Paul Preston MD, Rob Scribner MD, Bruce VanBenSchoten MD, Lisa Waters MD, Glenda Cain FNP, Jayne Scribner PNP, Heather Urton FNP, Kathy Mowat LCSW, Karen McGrew NP, Kiah Hicks PharmD, Joseph Lents PharmD, Janel Cook RN, Laurie Day RN, Alisa Farabee RN, Marian Heesaker RN, Trina Hobbs RN, Karen Kelley RN, Nicole Winward RN, Sharon Geherin, Keelin Schaffrath, Dr. Efrain Guzman, Dr. Daniela Jacobo, Derrick Ramos, Penny Crom, Tyler Speer, Cheryl Reigle, Debra Smith.

We are solely supported by donations that we use primarily to purchase supplies and medical equipment. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our community.

A special thank you for believing in us. Your generosity means so much to us.

Alice Ireland
Amy Deschamp
Bonnie and Steve Cruse
Carolyn and Dick McKinley
Cat Montgomery
Cyn Cornett
Dale Utt
David Hunter
Desiree Baker
Donna Ireland/Jerry Obiliski
Ellen Ireland
Ellie Walworth
Eric Swink
Erica Eng
Erin Gehrig
Izzy Ballet
Jaci Dryanski
Jan Farinetti
Joe Prescia
Karen Prescia Dowling
Kate Thorne
Kevin Dryanski
Lenna and Steve Watson
Linda Berkey
Lisa Llewellyn Bickley
Loren Benoit
Margena Crawford
Mary and Scott Leach
Mary Day Musgrave
Mary Dellenbach
Mary Shanahan Larson
Mary Lasley
Michelle Shiao
Pamela Kurasz Dryanski
Pat Shanahan
Raemarie Arnold
Randi Klugiewicz
Randy Pifer
Ronya Anna
Sandie Cooper
Sander Turpin
Sherron Helms
Sue Attaway
Susan Samuelson
Timm Wright
Teresa & Walid Bou-Matar
Tom Brown
Athena Health
Downtown Vineyard Church
Family Health West
Foresight Family Physicians
Grand Junction Pathology
Henry Schein Medical
Office Depot
Palisade Pharmacy
Quality Health Network
Steele Family Websites
Trophy Case
Junior Service League
Rotary of Grand Junction
Western Colorado Community Foundation
Bruce Dixson
COVID Response Grant
George B. McKinley

Our Community. Our Responsibility.