This is the fifth annual report for the free clinic serving the uninsured and underinsured people of Western Colorado. 2022 has been a year of getting to a new normal post pandemic. We have lowered the barriers for social distancing and mask wearing but we continue to be diligent in hand hygiene, screening for illness, and encouraging vaccination. We were open every weekend except holidays, offering basic medical and mental health care, providing a safety net for the more than 15,00 uninsured people in our community. As we begin our sixth year of operations, we are grateful.
In 2022, we are grateful for the continued support of Downtown Vineyard Church for donating our permanent space. We served a total of 1594 patients with direct care, follow-up test results, renewal of prescriptions, and advice on symptom management:

• 799 patient visits
• 164 lab tests
• 125 mental health visits
• 16 Clinical Pharmacist counseling visits
• 14 surgical clinic visits
• 12 podiatry clinic visits
• 35 Flu shots
• 30 referrals for Mammograms
• 12 Well Woman Exams
• 14 referrals to free vision clinic

We are grateful for our patients’ support and feedback. Patient satisfaction surveys were conducted, and results continue to show high satisfaction. No dissatisfaction, complaints, or concerns were reported.
We couldn’t do this without the support of our volunteers. We are grateful for our volunteers and hosted a Christmas appreciation event that was enjoyed by all. Eight new volunteers joined us this year. Many volunteers have been with us for more than 5 years. We gathered feedback from our volunteers and they report a favorable experience.

Thank you: Glenda Cain FNP, Penny Crom, Karine Chosvig, Laurie Day RN, Karalyn Dorn, Alisa Farabee RN, Efrain Guzman, Marian Heesaker RN, Kiah Hicks PharmD, Joseph Lents PharmD, Keelin Lewis PA, Carl Malito MD, Stephen Meyer MD, Kathy Mowat LCSW, Linda Odette, James Pasterz DO, Daniela Sainz, Brenna Sanislo PA, Jayne Scribner PNP, Rob Scribner MD, Debra Smith, Heather Urton FNP, Bruce VanBenSchoten MD, Lisa Waters MD, Randy Young RN, Alan Shader DPM, Kelly Thompson RN, Rick Walker MD

In 2022, we are grateful to United Way for selecting us as a grant recipient. We hired our first part time clinic coordinator employee in December. The Junior Service League continued to support us with money to offer free Mammograms. We partnered with St Mary’s Mammography Center to perform low-cost mammograms and ultrasounds. Western Colorado Community Foundation continued to support our mission with dollars. This year we are grateful to Vision Health for providing vision screening and glasses to our patients. Walmart once again provided money for gift cards. We are grateful for the individuals who supported us with money and the many patients that made donations. We are grateful to our partners for their ongoing support. Our financial situation is strong.

Thank you: Alicia Brandon Swink, Bonnie and Steve Cruse, Carolyn McKinley, Donna Ireland, Ellen Ireland, Ellie Walworth, Erin Gehrig, Kate Thorne, Jaci Dryanski, Jan Farinetti, Lenna and Steve Watson, Mary Crumbaker, Mary Dellenbach, Mary Shanahan Larson, Matt Cyphers, Michelle Pewters, Randy Pifer, Sherron Helms, Sue Attaway, Walid Bou-Matar, Wendy Cummins, Athena Health, Downtown Vineyard Church, Family Health West, Grand Junction Pathology, Henry Schein Medical, Office Depot, Palisade Pharmacy, Quality Health Network, Steele Family Websites, St. Mary’s Mammography Center, Trophy Case, Vision Health.

Our Community. Our Responsibility.