We are now in our third year of operation as a free and charitable clinic serving the uninsured and underinsured people of Western Colorado. In 2019, we have provided primary medical and mental health care to over 600 patients. Many of our patients delay getting needed care and arrive with complex and untreated conditions. Over 60 patients reported that their only other option for care was the Emergency Room.

We have been open every Saturday at our permanent location, 402 Grand Avenue, donated by the Downtown Vineyard Church. Our well-qualified, unpaid doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, health care professionals, and assistants provided over 3,000 hours of direct patient care in addition to many hours of answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and following up with pharmacy and lab results. We are solely supported by donations that we use to purchase supplies and medical equipment. For example, Walmart made a generous donation to us this year and we were able to purchase Walmart Gift Card to give to patients that need help with the cost of prescriptions. “Our community. Our responsibility.”

This year we added a Women’s Wellness Clinic based on the needs of our patients. Uninsured women in our community are deferring PAP Tests and other important preventive services because of cost and access barriers. A specially trained Nurse Practitioner volunteers her time and expertise to conduct the clinic monthly and has cared for over 50 women. The first patient was a 22-year-old for her first PAP test. This young patient was especially grateful for the unhurried, personalized, and private care she received. At the same clinic, a 65-year-old patient was seen who had not had a PAP test for 10 years. This patient was thankful that her tests results were normal, and she could stop worrying. Our Patient Satisfaction Survey indicates that the care has been confidential and timely, and patients are very satisfied with the care they received.

In collaboration with Mesa County Healthy Community goals, we have screened every patient for suicide risk, provided direct services for patients at high risk for suicide, counseled obese patients to reduce their weight and decrease their risk for diabetes, and given 120 flu shots to improve the rates of immunization.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the community.
Thank you to the many generous donors for their support:

  • Alice Ireland
  • Alissa Leavitt Reynolds
  • Amy Deschamp
  • Bonnie and Steve Cruse
  • Brenda Findley Walker
  • Brittnee Lewis
  • Chris Burghardt
  • Colleen Flack
  • Cyn Cornett
  • Cyndy Mace
  • Donna Ireland/Gerry
  • Obijiski
  • Ellen Ireland
  • Erin and Kevin Dryanski
  • Jaci Dryanski
  • Jan Farinetti
  • Joy Johnston
  • Julie Roussin
  • Karen Prescia Dowling
  • Lariah Thompson
  • Lisa Bickley
  • Mary Shanahan Larson
  • Michelle Shiao
  • Rebecca Ruland
  • Randy Pifer
  • Shannon Hill
  • Sherron Helms
  • Sue Attaway
  • Sue Pekrul Springer
  • Tisha Reed Cassity
  • Athena Health
  • Colorado Health Foundation
  • Downtown Vineyard Church
  • Family Health West
  • Grand Junction Pathology
  • Henry Schein Medical
  • Office Depot
  • Palisade Pharmacy
  • Quality Health Network
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plan
  • Steele Family Websites
  • Trophy Case
  • Walmart

We couldn’t have done it without you!